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Whether you’re trying to grow your business, building your brand, or just establishing an online presence, minor details like spelling and grammar can have an outsized effect on the way people perceive you.

Consider a recent study by a London-based digital communications agency. Researchers surveyed over 1,000 web users in the U.K., and they found that close to half of all respondents would be most influenced by spelling or grammar blunders in social media posts meant to promote businesses. Similarly, Website Planet reports that business websites with poor grammar and spelling errors lose almost double the number of potential customers through “bounce-back” compared to good-grammar sites in the United States. The losses were compounded because Google Ads and search engine result in penalized sites where customers bounced back. As a result, businesses with poor grammar and spelling in their posts lost potential customers. They had to pay more in ad revenue.

The damage goes beyond commerce. One study of LinkedIn profiles in the Harvard Business Review found fewer grammar errors were associated with more promotions, less frequent job changes, and greater professional success. Some business executives even said that they view grammar as a sign of high professionalism and potential. Because hiring managers check social media. If people who write posts have poor grammar and spelling, hiring managers can penalize them.

In addition to these considerations, the tools and technologies businesses use also play a pivotal role in their online image. For instance, utilizing a QR code generator can be a game-changer. By embedding essential information or links into a QR code, businesses can provide potential customers with instant access to promotions, information, or even digital business cards. Just as proper spelling and grammar reflect professionalism, using cutting-edge tools like a QR code generator signifies a company's dedication to staying updated with technology and offering convenience to its audience. This can significantly boost the brand's credibility, just like impeccable grammar can.

The data is clear: most people don’t have perfect grammar and spelling on social media, and that’s a problem. It’s often harder to trust someone who doesn’t communicate their ideas. You might be a skilled speaker and an excellent conversationalist—but that kind of skill can get lost on social media, where writing is essential, and even small grammar and spelling mistakes can have negative consequences.

If you’re trying to increase your Twitter followers, rack up Instagram likes, or grow your Facebook fan page followers on social media, grammar and spelling are key.

Fortunately, there are digital tools that can help you achieve perfect social-media literacy. The word.sc project is designed specifically to help social media users write competent posts. It goes beyond simple spelling and grammar corrections by checking incomprehensible words and making the corrections.

In today’s digital landscape, excellent spelling, grammar, and literacy aren’t an option—it’s a must. If you struggle with writing social posts, word.sc can take away the labor of checking dictionaries and vastly improve on simple spell-check. It’s an indispensable tool that will bring instant benefits to your social profiles.